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We have dedicated Product Managers for each Principal/Product group which we represent in India.
We have dedicated customer managers to handle a group of customers located in a particular geographical area, who co-ordinates the efforts of the Product Manager and the requirement of the customer.
- our product managers / sales engineers are always on the road (visiting and camping at customer site)
The Product Managers are adequately trained on all technical aspects by our Principals at their works.
by visiting principal regularly & getting training, we are effective in selling & serving (post-order) the customers, we therefore minimize the involvement of our principals.
  - The knowledge is then passed on to the customer and other sales engineers.
We invite principals to the customers facility for on-site training & demonstration.
We release advertisements in all leading industrial magazines, participate in trade fairs and send mail shots.
We have at many places, replaced our competitors' products.
We collect information about competitors & local suppliers to serve our principals and customers in a better way and replace competitor products by explaining them about our quality & services.
Regularly update our Principals about new business and upcoming projects.
We offer two purchase options to our customers i.e. in local currency and US Dollars.
Keep stock of our principals fast moving products in India to meet urgent requirement of Indian Customers.
We will order and make due/advance payment from our respective office in New Jersey or Middlesex.
We will also take care of all documentation, including export documentation & letter of credit and we make payment to our principals from New Jersey.

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